Stone Mountain Provincial Park, Part 1

Stone Mountain Provincial Park, like Muncho Lake, is too often overlooked by travellers focused on points north or south along the Alaska Highway which I think is absurd. Mountain ridges, alpine lakes and wilderness adventure is so accessible here. It is just as stellar here as anything you’ll find in the Yukon or Alaska. I don’t think I’ve traveled the highway in the last ten years without making sure I have at least two days to hike here. Hiking the same trails year after year hasn’t bored me yet either. And there isΒ nothing but experience stopping anyone from wandering off the trails to explore side canyons or scramble up the peaks and ridges. The options are endless.

Baba Canyon is perhaps my favourite day hike here. There is a trail but often it’s just about hopping along the creek boulders from one side of the creek to the other. Cascades with clear blue pools beckon hikers for a swim, weather and temperature permitting. The further you go the more impressive the canyon, the creek and the more beautiful the mountains, mountains ideal for scrambling.

Flower Springs Trail is easy (if you’re a hiker) but worth the time, placing hikers quickly in the alpine where woodland caribou roam. If time permits, explore beyond the lake and the trail’s ends. Two valleys extend beyond, both worth hiking into, to see what there is to be found. The energy expended will not disappoint.

And for those wanting mountaintop views, there is a trail leading up Mount St. Paul. For those who do not necessarily need a trail, there are many more mountain peaks easily accessible for scrambling. The hardest part will be choosing which peak to aim for.