Summer Recap

14 weeks of playing outside. There was way too much rain but we played as much as we could. We canceled a pretty big canoe trip as a result of many things getting in the way. Life is rarely predictable. Instead, we wandered the southern bit of the Yukon and a corner of northern BC, hiking, paddling. Somehow, even when we agreed to have an easy day of hiking we ended up far off trail and scrambling on mountain goat paths above canyons. The mountains are addictive. Once you start wandering, it’s hard to stop. We napped in alpine meadows. Read a lot of books on gloomy rainy days. Met a couple of grizzlies, a few black bears. It was a summer of aimless wandering, something we have perfected in twenty years of foregoing the pursuit of careers and material possessions.

Autumn is upon us and winter will soon follow so we return to work.

Below is a compilation of some of our summer highlights. Social media, however is great at making people’s lives look “epic” when the truth is we all have our bullshit struggles. Sure I’ve been fortunate to spend the summer playing in beautiful places but there are days when it is hard to see beauty in anything, difficult to find optimism in the blackness in my head. There are days when it is challenging to crawl out from the crushing weight of depression to hike, even though I know that once I’m up in the alpine, where the heather blooms and grizzlies roam and glaciers shimmer, I will be in my happy place. But hiking up a mountain to reach the alpine is easier than hiking out of a depression. This summer I had a few of those difficult days but, as always, the mountains never disappointed to recharge the soul.

The mountains surrounding our home were our focus in the spring. Only a ten minute drive from home we had three different mountain ranges to wander. And for the summer we wandered between Kluane National Park and Reserve, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park and Atlin Provincial Park and the mountain ranges in between.