When The Lakes Are Free Of Ice – Agay Mene Territorial Park

As soon as the ice melts from the local lakes, off we go paddling. Snafu Lake offers coves and bays to explore and lakes beyond beckon the curious determined enough to portage the beaver dams and shallow creeks. It is also a wonderful place for birding. Common loons, all kinds of ducks – mallard, goldeneyes, buffleheads, wigeons and more – all nest here. Osprey nest and fish here. Bald eagles as well. As do mew gulls. More than once we have spotted lynx. Last year a lynx watched us paddle beneath the hill it regally sat on. This year a lynx, its back turned away from us on the water and therefore unaware of us, hunted the edge of a marsh. A black or grizzly bear may be seen ambling a grassy hillside or a porcupine might be found napping among soapberry bushes.