Don’t Listen To ‘Influencers’

I was sitting in a coffee shop browsing the web recently, sitting out a deluge. I came across an “influencer’s” blog which rated Capitol Reef National Park as the least interesting of Utah’s 5 national parks.

She’s mad and not to be listened to. Clearly, she has not taken a deep dive into the park to unearth the magic of this place.

Too many people are blindly following others instead of discovering their own backcountry magic. So many people are going outside only to recreate the same, wrought, posed instagram pictures.

Capitol Reef is stark and magical, full of intrigue. There are a lot of great hiking trails and a lot of backcountry routes, canyons to explore, even peaks to scale. It is not boring. Don’t listen to influencers. Just because they might have a hundred thousand followers doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.

While I’m ranting, I’m also tired of seeing ‘Must See’ articles in magazines and blogs. When I see them I make a point to remember not to visit them. That’s where all the people will be.

Instead of focusing on what other say are ‘must see’, seek your own adventure.

The bus outside Denali National Park where Chris McCandless died is a great example. It’s become a pilgrimage for so many and I’m perplexed as to why. I am as intrigued by his story as everyone else but I don’t know why people flock to the bus. Why not find our own adventure, following the calling of our own souls, instead of following the footsteps of someone who became famous because he died?

I have purposefully posted a generic could-be-anywhere-in-Utah photo instead of posting pictures of Capitol Reef’s wild and weird landscape because exploring and discovering is what going outside should be about.


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