What’s In The Pack??

“What the eff is in this?”

Anyone who has accidentally picked up my daypack will ask me this.

It’s only a 33L @osprey pack, so in no way should it weigh 25+ pounds.

I hike every day and I always carry my ridiculously heavy daypack. Even if I am just strolling around the neighbourhood, I take my pack.

What’s inside is not gear, hiking essentials or snacks. None of those. I have Nalgenes filled of water and as many hardcover books as I can stuff inside.


Because I don’t go to the gym.

Instead of the gym I carry a backpack full of books everywhere I go. I also wear my pack to do squats, lunges and any other exercise that allows me to wear it.

What is better training for backpacking season than wearing as much as possible a full backpack? Yeah, I lift free weights as well but I always carry my pack.

At some point life will return to ‘normal’ and when it does, I plan to shoulder my pack and head into the Yukon backcountry. And I’ll be grateful for all the hard slogs I’ve been doing with an overkill heavy pack.


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