Glacier National Park, Two Takes

In mid-September we spent a week hiking in Glacier’s Many Glacier area, after the crowds had gone and fresh snow dusted mountain peaks. Piegan pass was exceptionally quiet, except for the mountain goats we ceded the pass to. The trail to Ptarmigan tunnel is a popular but pretty walk to a lake and an impressive tunnel through a mountain, where the other side is an equally impressive trail carved into the side of a red mountain.

Cracker Lake  nestled in the mountains shimmered in that all-too-typical glacier-blue colour. Other shorter but no-less beautiful trails took us up valleys to lakes where we watched bighorn sheep and grizzly bears graze and squirmed at Norwegian rats rustling in the understory of the forests while we picked the last few remaining huckleberries.

Grinnell Lake and its sad, disappearing glacier was a sad reminder of the state of our natural world. A park named after its glaciers in a couple of decades will lose all of its remaining namesake features. Continue reading “Glacier National Park, Two Takes”

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