Nova Scotia After Tourist Season

For people who reside south of the 60th parallel, visiting Nova Scotia in November might not sound like much of a vacation but we find it a most ideal time. November is already cold and wintery in in the Yukon. For the month we were in Nova Scotia the weather in the Whitehorse area sat around -20C as a daytime high. Arriving in Nova Scotia we stepped back into glorious fall. True, we may have missed the fall colours of eastern Canada’s hardwood forests but the temperatures were still above freezing. Our experience of Nova Scotia after December is of icy trails get icy, too icy for hiking to be any fun. And it’s often windy. And the damp freezing temperatures are less agreeable to us than the dry cold of our Yukon home. But November. The tourists are gone but the snow hasn’t yet arrived. This means we get the trails, the woods, the beaches to ourselves. We also get to experience some fierce Atlantic storms. And the thunderstorms of eastern Canada possess a power Yukon ones do not.

Never underestimate the benefits of traveling in the shoulder season. Sure, some hotels and restaurants might be closed (as we discovered in Cape Breton) but if you happen to be an introvert, it will most likely be worth missing out on those few comforts for the quietness of the trails.

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