In Between The Rains We Played In Atlin

Heat waves and periods of intense rain sums up the month of July. Having the summer off means we can decide when and where to go, depending on where the nicest weather lies. We had plans to spend a couple of weeks exploring Mount Edziza but wildfires in Northern BC forced us to look elsewhere.

At the beginning of the month we returned to Atlin Lake, spending a week paddling and hiking a provincial park does not get enough attention considering how beautiful it is and how fun the paddling is – if you remember to choose your weather. Wolves, grizzlies and mountain goats can be spotted, islands with baby gulls and arctic terns and protective adults occupy all the rocky islands. And of course there are mountains like Cathedral and Llewellyn Glacier to admire. Even though we spent nearly two weeks last summer paddling here we were just as enthralled and enchanted with this place this time around. We explored new bays, new inlets, met a black wolf, camped beside a bee’s nest.

Atlin Lake Provincial Park

I won’t say much about Atlin Lake other than it’s worth the effort to get there and go paddling. There is infinite beauty and peace to be discovered, plus there’s a warm spring to slip into after a week or so of paddling, to soothe tired muscles.

We spent eight days paddling the provincial park and were fortunate to enjoy eight days of sunshine and calm waters. We met mountain goats, moose, a family of river otters, nesting gulls, curious mell gulls, scoters, ospreys, devil’s club, waterfalls. A shrinking glacier. The list goes on.

Llewellyn Glacier

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