Life Lived Out Of A Vehicle

Life lived out of a vehicle is pretty ideal until you get sick. At midnight I bolted awake, drenched in sweat. I had to leap out of the 4-Runner and dig a pit beneath a juniper in which to puke into. The Milky Way was twinkling, the near-to-full moon casting shadows in the forest but gripped with a stomach flu I was fixated only on the red dirt in my pit. For five hours back and forth I ran between the 4-Runner to sleep and my pit to get sick – first to throw up dinner, then lunch, then bile once there was nothing left remaining. My fever would ebb while I was outside in temerpatures well below freezing, in little more than long johns and wool shirt. How I wished that evening for four solid walls, a couch and a flush toilet. Instead, I toughed it out and slept away the following day on various benches along the rim of Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon can be a comical zoo. Tour buses filled with loud and obnoxious people shuffling along, snapping selfies in ridiculous poses. Many barely seem to pause to stand for a moment in stillness and silence, without holding their camera phone in their face. They do not seem to truly look around at the mountains, hoodoos, fins and pockets. This is the reason I have a pretty strong dislike for selfies. A place as stunning as this shouldn’t be about your face.

We arrived early and gulped back a quick oatmeal breakfast in the parking lot at Fairyland, just outside Bryce Canyon. We were alone here watching the sun come up. And then we set of down the well trodden thirty kilometre trail around the hoodoos, fins, pockets  windows, arches and canyons between Fairyland (BLM land) and Bryce Canyon. Continue reading “Bryce Canyon National Park”

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