Yellowstone – Don’t Be In Such A Rush

There is a quote from the movie The Shawshank Redemption that has been rolling in my head for a while. The old man Joe (I think that was his name) is released from prison after thirty years and is shocked by the changes and says something along the line of “The whole damn world seems to have gotten in a goddamn hurry.” I share a similar sentiment even though I live in the Yukon, which to the outside world is small and quiet. But even in the Yukon we seem to all be in a rush to get somewhere. Even if the time to get to that somewhere is only five minutes in the difference people are happy to run red lights, weave in and out of traffic, speed. Traveling through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons from one hiking trailhead to another the traffic seemed so hurried, so frantically rushed and I am baffled by it. We have all come to these wild places from all the corners of the world, the scenery is stellar, there is wildlife lurking in every bush and plain and glen. What’s the rush? I was thinking of this quote while John and I sat on the boardwalk in the Thumbs area of Yellowstone, amused by a wee geyser out in Yellowstone Lake, spouting  sulphuric puffs. People walked past us, snapping photos, selfies, then continuing on to the next thing, the next Instagram photo opportunity. We didn’t have much time to hike in Yellowstone, with a snowstorm threatening to close roads so we hiked what we could and enjoyed the peculiar landforms Yellowstone is acclaimed for. This little geyser might not be quite so mighty as Old Faithful but in its own unassuming way, is just as worthy of our attention. But only if we remember to just slow a little. And really look around at where we are. There is a lot to be discovered, amused by.

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