What’s Up Next?

Summer 2020 – TBD but it’s going to be up North, as always.

Spring 2020 – Wandering into northern British Columbia’s backcountry.

Winter 2019-2020 – Sauntering about in Southwest US.

June – September 2019 – Paddling in the Northwest Territories.

February-May 2019 – Work. Saving up again for the next adventure.

Winter 2018-February 2019 – currently traveling the desert of the southwest US, letting curiosity lead the way.

Summer 2018 – Our three month canoe trip across the barrens had to be postponed. Life sometimes has others ideas that we must yield to. Instead, we backpacked and canoed around southern Yukon and northern British Columbia.

Winter 2017-18 – working, saving pennies and trip planning.

Summer 2017 – four months of aimless wilderness wandering in the Yukon, wherever curiosity (and weather) took us.

Summer 2016 – A two month canoe trip across the Barrens.

In years past – backpacking and canoeing across the Yukon and winters spent in southwest US and Baja, Mexico. We also bought and sailed a Contessa 26 for a year and a half in the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound.



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